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Verifying Forex Entries Using RSI

 Nizar Harb Nizar Harb

Currencies can be extremely volatile. Their nonstop up and down movements can make it difficult for a trader to know when exactly to enter a market and what course of action to take after he does so. Technical analysis can help with tools that indicate suitable entry and exit points. There are several indicators available and one of the most widely used is the Relative Strength Index or RSI...ReadeMore

Trend Following in Forex

 Cynthia Maloon

The objective of monitoring or trend following in forex is to follow a market moving upward or downward. The strategy is based on the premise that markets are punctuated by large bull and bear cycles. And believe me, there are many times when this statement may be questioned. Nevertheless, the approach is still considered to be one of the most effective for trading...ReadMore

Trading Forex from Daily/Weekly Charts

 Jiff Miller Jiff Miller

For some reason, many traders mistakenly imagine that using a long-term trading approach means that it takes that much longer to find profitability. But the opposite is actually true. By many accounts, trading using a short-term approach actually makes it a bit more difficult to find profitability since a short-term approach requires more time before the trader can develop a profitable trading strategy...ReadeMore

5 Fundamental Factors in Forex

 marc chandlerMarc Chandler

Charts alone do not tell the whole story. If you truly want to have a solid grasp of foreign exchange, then you must spend some time learning about the fundamentals of your chosen currencies. These are the factors that influence value and are directly tied to the issuing country...ReadeMore


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