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Whether you’re looking for Forex articles that cover Forex basics or those that focus on more advanced trading topics, you’ll find what you’re looking for in our exhaustive Forex articles database. Browse by category to find articles about a specific subject or peruse the entire list to get a full picture of how the Forex industry functions.

Market update - Gold and Oil

7/19/2018 8:52:13 AM

Market update - Gold and Oil Gold prices dropped on Thursday as the dollar remained near a three-week high. U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell’s comments this week implied increasing interest rates and continued to put pressure on the precious metal prices. The fall in gold prices came as the dollar held firm against its peers following bullish comments from Powell. Strengthening economic growth and a confident Fed is helping to support the dollar. Higher short-term interest rates ...

The Pinocchio Trading Strategy

10/27/2016 7:07:15 AM

The Pinocchio Trading Strategy   The Pinocchio trading strategy provides you with the accuracy you need to get an edge on the competition, as you can see the market behavior with proper visuals. This is a trading strategy that deals with a price action reversal formation. The Pinocchio trading strategy relies on a setup called a Pinocchio or “pin” bar.  The pin bar has a long upper or lower wick, also called a tail, and a smaller body. You can use candlestick charts ...

Support & Resistance Analysis

8/19/2016 7:16:41 AM

Support & Resistance Analysis   Support and resistance levels represent the points where supply and demand meet, and identifying these levels is important for successful trading. The principle of supply and demand means that as prices get lower, people are more inclined to buy, and sellers are less willing to sell. When prices sink to a certain level, sellers will not go any lower, which should stop the price from dropping any further. This is called the support level. Similarly, ...

Effectively Using Interest Rate Parity to Trade Forex

8/9/2016 7:44:23 AM

Effectively Using Interest Rate Parity to Trade Forex   Interest rate parity is a straightforward process that refers to the equation that fundamentally governs just about all relationships between the interest rates and the currency exchange rates. The premise of the parity involves establishing hedged returns that are the same when investing in different currencies, no matter their level of interest rates. As such, it can be a very effective tool to work with. Part of understanding ...

The Importance of Stops

7/21/2016 6:50:19 AM

The Importance of Stops   Using stops is a simple, yet effective, strategy for removing emotion from your trades. When a trade goes against you, there is often an overwhelming temptation to let it ride, hoping it will go the other way. That is pure emotion, with no substance behind it. When you let your emotions take over your trades, you are on a guaranteed track to losing money. Before you begin any trading session, you need to objectively plan your trading strategy. You should ...

The Importance of Support and Resistance

7/18/2016 6:58:05 AM

The Importance of Support and Resistance   One part of technical analysis that’s especially important for traders to master is support and resistance.  This one area can make or break your trading success.  For example, if you’ve identified an important support level that hasn’t been broken in years, it is very likely that once price reaches this level it will reverse course.  This then provides a good place to take profits if you are short, or to initiate ...

Forex Day Trading Rules for Rookies

5/12/2016 6:41:01 AM

Forex Day Trading Rules for Rookies   When you have decided to be a day trader, it is important to follow a certain set of rules. Not only do you need to have rules, you need to have the discipline to follow those rules. If you follow certain rules, you have a much better chance at being successful.  Set Your Limits It is extremely important to set limits when you first start trading. You should have an enter price, an exit price, and an escape price, just in case your trade ...

Avoiding Psychological Traps That Ruin Your Trading

5/9/2016 7:00:55 AM

Avoiding Psychological Traps That Ruin Your Trading You have probably seen how emotions can impact your trading actions both positively and negatively.  Too much confidence can cause you to leverage more than you can afford to lose and too little will cause you to pull out of potentially profitable trades.  The key to success is learning the secret to avoiding psychological traps that ruin your trading. Understand Your Risk Tolerance Your risk tolerance is basically defined ...

Technical Analysis for Trading

4/5/2016 8:39:28 AM

Technical Analysis for Trading   According to the Dow Theory, put together from the writings of Charles Dow, price movements are not totally random. This theory is the basis of modern technical analysis tools. In general, technical analysts believe that price movements reflect all information about a particular company, market segment, or the entire market. Armed with this information, an analyst can interpret market sentiment with the sole purpose of predicting future price movements. When ...

Discipline and the Psychology of Trading

2/17/2016 10:17:01 AM

Discipline and the Psychology of Trading If you want to succeed in forex trading, you need two things that have nothing to do with market knowledge. These are discipline and the psychology of trading. Let’s look at these qualities to see how they can help you succeed. Discipline and the Trader For the trader, discipline means self control. Control your emotions when trading so you won’t be carried away by greed. If you are greedy you will lose your money. In addition, you ...