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Whether you’re looking for Forex articles that cover Forex basics or those that focus on more advanced trading topics, you’ll find what you’re looking for in our exhaustive Forex articles database. Browse by category to find articles about a specific subject or peruse the entire list to get a full picture of how the Forex industry functions.

The Fibonacci Sequence

4/26/2016 8:45:37 AM

The Fibonacci Sequence   The Fibonacci sequence is considered an indicator of "prediction" techniques that provide information on possible levels at which future prices will change. The Fibonacci method helps determine price targets and predicts corrections and rebounds to position oneself better in a trend or trend reversal. The Fibonacci sequence is a series of numbers which appear consistently occur in nature and many analysts believe it is possible to use a set of relationships ...

Common Candlestick Patterns

4/25/2016 6:45:30 AM

Common Candlestick Patterns   There are many patterns that can be formed on candlestick charts.  Entire books have been devoted to describing all these various patterns.  Today we take a look at three of the most common patterns you will find when looking at candlestick charts. Hammer - In this pattern, we have a white candle which means that the closing value is higher than the opening. There is little to no wick on top but there is a long wick at the bottom. Hammers occur ...

Fibonacci Resistance Lines in Technical Analysis

2/22/2016 8:18:20 AM

Fibonacci Resistance Lines in Technical Analysis   Fibonacci sequence is a popular tool used by traders when performing technical analysis to identify strategic points for target prices, transaction placement and stop losses. Fibonacci sequence is named after Italian mathematician, Leonardo Fibonacci.  The quotient is also known as the golden ratio and appears to be a basic ratio in nature. The golden ratio when used in technical analysis is most commonly translated into 3 percentages: ...

Casino Gambling vs Financial Trading

12/17/2015 9:21:03 AM

Casino Gambling vs Financial Trading   Becoming a successful investor is a reward of careful planning, strategy, as well as learning how to make predictions based upon past performance. Some might say that investing is similar to gambling, but substantial arguments against that statement can easily be made. When comparing casino gambling vs financial trading, it is like comparing apples to oranges. Casino games are enticing and fun, but hold a lot of risk.  In fact, it is not hard ...

3 Benefits of Keeping a Trading Journal

10/29/2015 8:06:56 AM

3 Benefits of Keeping a Trading Journal   Most experienced traders keep a trading journal because they know that it is common for traders, both experienced and novices alike, to make mistakes while trading. Because continued success comes from knowing yourself as well as studying market conditions, this is exactly what a trading journal helps a trader achieve. Here are 3 benefits of keeping a trading journal: Firstly, a journal acts as a record of all your previous trades, both winning ...

The Struggle Of Stock-Picking

6/23/2015 11:11:49 AM

The Struggle Of Stock-Picking   Last week the Nasdaq recorded new all-time highs for the first time in fifteen years. Thanks to powerful rallies from key players like Apple and Netflix, the tech-centric index is now up over 8% so far this year. That's nearly triple the S&P 500 gains for the year and way better than the Dow.   Similarly, the S&P 500's financial sector has soared 15% since October as Wall Street bets the Federal Reserve will soon raise interest ...

More Workers Are Quitting, More Good News For The Economy

4/6/2015 9:22:26 AM

More Workers Are Quitting, More Good News For The Economy   The wages in America have been stagnant for quite some time now, so many Americans are faced with a question whether to leave their current job and find something better or wait to get an increase.   An engineer from Alabama, has quit his job six times over the past 4 years, which has resulted in an increase of his salary of 31%. He got 31% more money then before simply by quitting and looking around for better! And ...

Markets in the States stumbled

3/9/2015 10:19:19 AM

Markets in the States stumbled   Lots have happened in America on Friday. First, an unemployment report showed that unemployment is at a 7-year low, bringing great news to the economy, as this means that more people will earn more money meaning that more people will be able to spend more money. This all sounds real good right? On Monday, everyone was very positive as markets went sky high. The tech-stocked Nasdaq crossed 5,000 for the first time since the Dotcom Bubble 15 years ago. ...

A Forex System Using Fibonacci Ratios

6/27/2019 12:56:10 PM

A Forex System Using Fibonacci Ratios The pros of trading forex might easily out-weight the cons. It is, however, not a stupid man's game. It requires a very analytical mind and a long term strategist to see good returns in foreign currency. Brief Primer on the Fibonacci Sequence This sequence is seen all over nature in spirals, natural geometry and apparently, its patterns can even be found in the world of international money trading. Invented in the 13th century, the Fibonacci sequence ...

Using Fibonacci in Forex Trading

6/27/2019 12:56:10 PM

Using Fibonacci in Forex Trading When trading forex, you need to find ways of predicting price trends, so as to know when to enter or exit trades, and one way is by using technical analysis. Technical analysis largely involves the use of charts, but there are other more advanced and abstract methods as well. One of these is by using Fibonacci in forex trading. The Fibonacci sequence was discovered by Leonardo Bonacci, a medieval Italian mathematician nicknamed Fibonacci. Each number in the sequence ...