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Forex Platforms

Forex Trading Platforms What is Forex trading platforms?how we can use it?

Trading platforms is a combination of tools and technical software that provides traders and investors the access to the financial world markets and ,also allows to deal through them and do, as well as allow the implementation of the trading operations and follow the obligations between the investor and the brokerage firm to provide access opportunities to financial markets .

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Forex Platform

ميتا تريدر5Meta Trader 5 is a term that refers to the famous trading platform “MetaTrader 5”, which is owned by Meta Quotes. It has been in existence since 2010 and is widely considered to be the best trading platform. It contains all the trading indicators and instruments that help building strategies in addition to advanced graphic charts to provide all the needs of the investor. The MetaTrader 5 platform also has a re-trading system, which has been built from the scratch. The possibilities of the new trading platform are much broader than the older MetaTrader4 platform. 1. It allows trading in various markets. 2. Diversity in trading via the MetaTrader 5, which is a vital tool for stock trading in the markets. 3. The ability to control all aspects of the hedge, according to the FIFO laws. 4. In MetaTrader5, there is a new type of implementation of the inconsistencies that have been developed to address to process the pair symbols 5. AutoTrading - MQL5 for programmed trading strategies. It is characterized by high speed in the implementation, compared with MQL4. 6. Many improvements such as more indicators, 21 different time frames. It allows foreign currency trading for 0.005 Lot. .More
 ميتا تريدر 4MetaTrade 4 is an advanced developed trading platform that contains trading indicators and graphic charts for trading currencies, commodities, stocks and futures. It is free of charge platform that is specially designed for online trading in the Forex market. It has built-in technical indicators that allow analytical operations on the language of MoQL4. It enables the use of automated trading strategies, as well as the ability to control more than one account at the same time to facilitate the process of account management and auto-trading robot. It has 9 time frames that allow currency trading for 0.010 Lot per transaction.More
منصةسيركسSirix Station: Sirix station platform is a relatively new trading platform that is easy to use and is offered free of charge, through brokerage companies to the traders, whether they are beginners or experienced traders. It provides a trading service via forex markets and facilitates the trading process so that it contains all desired trading privileges. It aims to be the best trading platforms, so it offers a simple and smooth interface as well as all trading tools such graphic charts and indicators of trading to complete the operations successfully. It has also social trading feature that provides trading and discussing services among other traders as well as sharing transactions and analysis with others in order to gain the confidence of the whole investors in an enjoyable and successful mannerMore
actforexActForex: Act Forex is a developed trading platform that has the best and latest available technology for trading that is available for Forex trading in the financial markets such as the instruments of trading in currencies, stocks, commodities, futures, and others through the financial market. It was founded in 2000, and it is considered as one of the biggest platforms and most respected services for forex trading around the world. It has integrated solutions and ready for use with distinctive designs to meet the needs of investors and to work fully with them.It allows to: - Settle all centers (trades) automatically through the liquidity provider you choose. - Practice full control om points, spreads, commissions and other sources of the profit.- Serve without trading room staff in the institution.More
vtraderV Trader is a platform to trade Forex across the global financial markets. It has been developed strongly to serve the traders in their transactions with its unmatched features. It was designed to serve the beginners and the experienced ones. It provides access to the most advanced platform for Windows operating system, and has the ease of use, which is unmatched. It has also a comprehensive range of trading tools and the requirements of the trader. There is no doubt that traders around the world require it. It has a fast response and friendly user interface. It contains a wide range of unique benefits that are not available in other trading platforms. It also provides the trader with many wonderful advantages, including: managing multiple accounts at the same time – Using technical indicators and analytical drawing tools - taking advantage of the more than 250 technical indicators available to the trader freely and preprogrammed – Creating and managing automated price alerts –Auto-dealing and building customized technical indicators and trading systems. More
منصة سبوت اوبشين SpotOption is a trading platform for trading binary options and risk management. It has been launched to the market in 2008. It provides the opportunity to deal across the financial markets, sand provides the opportunity for traders to reach the markets and take the profits through it. There are many advantages of using SpotOption platform, the platform is available online and there is no need to download or install anything on your device; thus, it enables all investors from trading everywhere and anytime. It has a platform that is designed for easy handling by all traders. It also offers many trading advantages, in addition to the required binary options tools, such as –one-click dealing - different time-frames - a variety of available assets to deal –diverse trading mechanismsMore
منصة بانداPanda platform: It is a platform which is specialized in binary options trading. It is characterized by high performance, good taste and better trading techniques. It has been developed by programmers who are experienced in providing solutions for critical missions for the financial institutions. It has technology that enables the ease of service to fit the needs of customers both accurately and effectively. It enables brokers and their clients to stay in touch via using the right techniques and support of an experienced team. It provides impressive binary options trading tools that can make the trading easier such as one-click trading, and multiple time frames. It also allows graphical charts along with the stock symbols to facilitate trading on the novice traders.More


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