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What To Expect From Netflix On Monday

Netflix is scheduled to release earnings after Monday's close. The stock hit a record high of $423.21 per share but is trading now near $395.

The stock is prone to big moves after reporting earnings and can easily jump up if the numbers are strong. Conversely, if the numbers disappoint, the stock can easily crash.

Company Profile & Various Businesses:

Netflix, Inc., incorporated on August 29, 1997, is a provider an Internet television network. The Company operates through three segments: Domestic streaming, International streaming and Domestic DVD. The Company's members can watch original series, documentaries, feature films, as well as television shows and movies directly on their Internet-connected screen, televisions, computers and mobile devices. It offers its streaming services both domestically and internationally. The Company had members streaming in over 190 countries, as of December 31, 2016.

Our forecast:

Our analysts believe that Netflix is expected to report $0.80 revenue per share. This of course wont surprise much but in case of higher number than $0.80, the stock can jump at least $20 and test record highs at $423. In case of a miss in the revenue, the stock can lose up to $30 and slide down to the support price at $360.