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Technical Analysis

Oil (Light crude) went up by 1.25%

2/12/2015 8:44:41 AM

Oil (Light crude) went up by 1.25%   Oil (Light crude) went up by 1.25% as of 8:24 pm ET. It also soared up by an astounding 8.14% over the past month. Natural gas seems to have rebounded from the very bottom, gaining 0.93% today. Gold is up by 0.25%, followed closely by silver which went up by 0.23%, but platinum won today’s race, ending up +0.28%. Sugar flew up after it gained 4.23%. Forex The two major currencies in Europe are trading mixed today. British Pound (GBP) fell ...

U.S. Dollar raised today

2/10/2015 11:12:06 AM

U.S. Dollar raised today   U.S. Dollar (USD) raised it’s value against most of the major currencies around the world today. Canadian Dollar (CAD) lost 1.11% of its value. The two biggest European currencies, British Pound (GBP) and European Euro (EUR) both lost, as GBP is down by 0.94% and EUR shed 1.13%. Australian Dollar (AUD) didn’t do much better than the previous currencies, dropping 0.59%. Only Japanese Yen (JPY) managed to add something extra to its value, adding 0.22%. ...

European markets ended neutral today

2/6/2015 11:24:14 AM

European markets ended neutral today   North and South American Stock Markets   North and South American markets ended mixed, as of the closing time of the market. United States’ S&P 500 went up by 1.03% and Dow Jones gained 1.20% after today. Southern markets like Brazil and Mexico ended mixed, as Brazil’s Bovespa went down by 0.14% and Mexico’s IPC jumped up by 1.78%.   Asian Stock Markets   Asian markets finished mixed today, as ...

EUR jumped up by 1.18% against U.S. Dollar

2/6/2015 11:20:21 AM

EUR jumped up by 1.18% against U.S. Dollar   European Euro (EUR) jumped up by 1.18% against U.S. Dollar (USD). The other two major dollars, Canadian (CAD) and Australian (AUD), were on a rise as well, as they gained 1.28% and 0.52%, respectively. British Pound turned red today, when it lost 0.11% of its value. Japanese Yen (JPY) also dropped down and did so by 0.25%.   Commodities   In our daily reviews, we cover Oil (Light crude) every day. It may be the most interesting ...

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