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How will the US elections impact the market 

How will the US elections impact the market


USD  and the US elections – the 3 possible scenarios 

All traders around the world are waiting for the results of the US elections, there are 3 possible scenarios and each one will has a different impact on the financial market.

A smart trader will follow the charts closely and will wait to see what is the outcome of the elections in order to open the right trades that will make him a very good profit, because of the extraordinary event.

This week is the best time to make a big profit from the financial markets and here are the 3 scenarios all traders and investors should follow in order to open the right trades and make a profit.

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Scenario 1 : Clinton wins the elections, Trump accepts defeat.

This Scenario would send the US dollar sharply high against all the major currencies the biggest losers would be the Swiss franc, the Japanese Yen, and also the euro will be effected.  

This Scenario will happen if Trump accepts defeat and Clinton wins by an uncontestably wide margin.

Trump announced in the 3rd debate that probably  he will not accept defeat, and the pools shows that no one will win by a wide margin.

But if this scenario happened traders will buy USD/JPY  and USD/ CHF  and also sell EUR/USD


Scenario 2 : Trump wins the elections, Clinton accepts defeat

Trump has untasted political skills and his policies are unknown, this will has a big impact on the US dollar, it will drop down, the biggest winners will be the Euro, Swiss franc and the Japanese yen, and the biggest losers would be the US dollar and the Canadian dollar

If this Scenario happens sell USD/JPY  and USD /CHF and buy EUR/USD


Scenario 3:   Trump / Clinton wins the elections by narrow margin. Loser refuses to accept the defeat

This is the most likely scenario, and if it happens the uncertainty would be extremely negative for the us dollar

According to this scenario sell USD against all major currencies.

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